How to Fix a Negative Person?

How to Fix a Negative Person?

Have you ever met people who are trying to blame you for their misfortunes for their failures? Like you are the one who disturbing them from achieving something. Like you are the one who doesn’t let them get somewhere I don’t like these people and I don’t like it when they are in my life. So I came up with some tips and tricks that are helping me to avoid them or even when I talk to them not to let them get into my mind. My advice to your number one. I try to understand why people are acting themselves this way I feel sorry for them. And to be honest I try to avoid this feeling. There is a difference between feeling pity for someone and to feel compassion.

When you feel pity when you feel sorry for someone you unconsciously put yourself on to a higher level. You think like ow poor him or she doesn’t have what I’ve I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing to do it’s just how we work. We just feel relieved that we are not in the same situation as they’re. So I’m trying to avoid this feeling. but with these people no. I really feel sorry for them because they consist of 90% of anger, insults, rage, and only on 10 percent of the water. they don’t know how to feel happy,  how to feel good. They don’t how to feel all these great feelings what we’re going through by doing something nice. They don’t have such experience that’s why they are trying so hard to support this anger because if you’re gonna take this from them there’s gonna be nothing left. Advice number two. I ignore such people. They don’t know about this but I do that.

Every time when the person whom I don’t like and who I think is trying to make me feel bad about some of my decisions, about some of my stuff, about some other things that I did. I’m just not listening to them I mean they think that I am supporting this conversation but at the time when they’re saying something to me and try to convince me that I have a shitty person. I’m just concentrating on my favorite song I try to memorize the book that I’ve read that I really like or I think about the TV-show that I watched and I’m thinking what’s gonna happen next That’s why all this information that they’re trying to get into me just moves past me. I’m not interested in listening to them I’m more interested in discovering my own thoughts I’m more interested in analyzing the things that happened and that matter for me. Another thing that you can do is just walk away. Seriously at some point, the person will understand that conversation always ends at the point when they start to talk something nasty or something else.

And maybe they will rethink the concepts of your conversations. And maybe they will stop. Advice number 3. Don’t let such people get into your mind by talking to you on the topics that are bothering you. Let’s say that you’re trying to lose weight and you’ve been struggling recently. So what this person does. “How is your weight loss going?” “Umm, I see it it’s not so well” “Probably because of this candy that you ate yesterday” “Oh you know what? I saw this girl who is just amazing. I mean 90-60-90. Her body is so perfect I think she has no fat on her body” What I would do in this situation is I wouldn’t let this person get so far in their monologue. I would just stop them at the second when they ask how am I doing? and I would say like I’m doing great! I’m on my way to my dream body and this process is amazing! I’m loving it. And I would ask how they’re doing? And if they will keep trying to get back to this conversation that I really don’t want to discuss. I would just smile politely and say that there’s nothing else that I can tell of this topic.

If there is nothing that they want to discuss with me except for this one then I think that this conversation should be over Don’t let these people get into your head! Don’t let anyone to put a pressure on you and to talk to you about the things that you don’t really want to discuss If you say this in a mean aggressive manner you will give these people what they want That’s why you should stay calm, talk to them politely and shut them up in a nice respectful manner Advice number four. Use logic. Sometimes when you’re trying to talk to someone about the things that let’s say are bothering you they’re trying to switch the conversation and tell you to like “Well isn’t it because of what you’re doing? Isn’t it because of how you are acting? Isn’t it because of what you said? We can convince ourselves that we are the ones to blame in this situation.

But it’s not always like that and that’s how you can know it. Just try to keep your mind straight and when this person is trying to manipulate you and trying to bring you to the thought that this all happens because of you they’re really nice to you, they’re really polite they are loving and cherish and it’s just you who are so ungrateful and angry and blah blah whatever stuff that they’re saying.  And don’t try to memorize all the small things, because we all make mistakes. But no seriously just ask yourself is there something bad that you’ve done in your life that leads to this thing and you actually deserve it? And if you can’t come up with an answer to this question then this person’s theory about you is broken. And you can also stop them right there and ask them to give you an example. An example of this awful behavior that they’re talking about. and if there are no facts then there is no deal. And the last advice that I want to give to you.

The 5th one. Don’t let these people get close to you. Don’t date these shitty people. If you’re dating, living, if you’re spending time with the person who constantly makes you feel like a piece of shit Then you need to leave this person. You won’t live forever and you shouldn’t waste your time crying and feeling sorry for yourself and asking questions like why did I deserve that? I can answer this question. You didn’t deserve that. You just choose to be with this person. And now you can choose to leave. Go there in the world and find the person who will deserve you. And on this finished note because seriously I don’t know what else to tell you. I really think that we are sometimes our worst enemies and we are sometimes letting these shitty people get into our lives.

We don’t stop them and it’s bringing us to depressions and bring us the feeling that we are the worst people in the world when it’s not true. And you shouldn’t waste your time on this you should do everything in your life that makes you feel happy. And you should be with the person who deserves it. Let’s finish this. I hope that you like this! I hope that you are not wasting your time with this garbage people.

I hope that you know how to stop them! And if you do or if not but this could help you or if you feel kind of generous today. Please show it to me by giving it a big thumbs up Push that subscribes button not to miss more on feelings relationships and you know all the stuff that girls love to talk about. Leave your comments and tell me what helps you to deal with negative people? Thanks

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