Of the boys who do not reach their Natural academic boundary during the course of their college career, But Who fail to get through, there are two main classes: Those who try, And those who do not try. Many boys attempt seriously to make good and really have the native ability To do so But find it almost impossible to sit at a desk and Concentrate on the task assigned. There is a boy who sits down to study, open his book but before starting on the work, I think that I had observed that all his pencils need sharpening. And so on, until his time is gone and nothing has been done. Such nervous habits are not easy to uproot, and so far as cannot be eradicated by anyone but the boy himself. By the collar and make himself cultivate poise and calm that smothers the fidgets. until he does this he does not really try, although he thinks he’s trying and often spends more time in the presence of an open Book than many boys of equal ability who do good work.

A common cause of failure is a mistaken ambition for the boy on the part of his parents. more often than I should wish, I find a boy who is not showing any interest in his work, And who is not trying to do it With any distinction, because he is following a direction, out by his parents, that Runs counter to all of his interests and abilities. I have made a number of very warm Enemies among the parents of college students  By telling them that I am certain that the good God Lord never intended sun to be a physician, or a dentist, or an engineer. it may be that the boy has enough ability to be any one of these things, but the long and short of it is, He does not want to be. He wants to be a   theatrical manager, a businessman, or a book Illustrator. it may be under reasonable for the voice to turn his back on a fine opening in the dental profession in favour of business. and can control all of these matters.  as well Argued with that he ought to like onions when he detests them. As a general thing, the boy wins out in such contravariance. and he should. Also be it said, the parents whom  I have offended Usually come Around after a team of years and tell me that his son was right and that he is thankful to me for taking the part of the boy in the argument. Saccha boys fail, it is because he cannot bring himself to try to do the work that is distasteful to him, and that his skills are letting him in the wrong direction. if the college is alive to its Work of advice, such cases are caught before the failure is complete.

Another type of boy who does not try is the very bright boy who has always done his school work without effort, and who has never learnt what real application is. his forces that he can close to college with as little effort as he did through School I sometimes feel that the bright boy who has always depended on his ability to get things quickly is the most pretty able object among all our failed students.  for it is almost tragedy to see all of this keenness going to waste, and to feel that the entire Opportunity which the college has to offer is passed out for because of 8 to respective mind the cure for this sort of thing is again not easy,  for it involves an inside change of attitude and the forming of a completely new set of habits no one can do this but the boys himself. all that the rest of us can do is to find out what is the matter.

The question of health, physical and mental is always one of the reasons for failure. if an adequate Health service available in the college, and if proper cooperation exits between the teaching staff and the office of the college doctor, the immense Number of failure can be avoided, and, what is just an important, the reasons for the inability to do satisfactory college work can be clearly understood by the boy, his parents and the college authorities.  In the case of poor academic work which is not apparent, it is my custom to always ask the student to undergo a physical examination. It is surprising to find out in how large a percentage of such cases the university is physically and finds adequate Reason for the difficulty. Tuberculosis,  bad tonsils, sleeping Sickness, poor digestion, Various forms of Mental and Nervous difficulty have been brought to light by the doctor during the past few months,  to the unspeakable relief of the students and enlightenment of the faculty. Occasionally 1 minute and an old-fashioned person like the father who told me a few months ago that, although we had arranged to have his son’s Tonsils removed without the expense, he would not consent to the operation.  He asserted that God had some good purpose and that he would not stand for their removal. Since the boy was absorbing Too much poison to permit proper application to his college work, we had to ask him to go home. Of course, such cases are rare. but it is necessary to keep constantly in mind the simple fact that there is no substitute for health, and that However such a may know, it is not of much value unless he processes the physical vigour to bring it to bear on the world’s problems.

Nowadays, when most ambitious boys want to go to college, the financial pressure is a very serious one. a few parents take the position that the boy should earn his way through college for the good of his soul. As a matter of fact, no boy ought to be compelled to earn his entire way through college if it can in any way be avoided. not only does he get a mighty phone living by the process, But a mighty food education as well. If the boy ought to go to college at all, he ought to be trusted to make good use of reasonable contributions from his parents towards his expenses. Any parents owe this much to his son. The boy did not ask his parents to bring him into the world. They are responsible for his being here, and constantly they have the responsibility for giving him the best equipment possible to meet the word problems.

Nevertheless, many boys are cast internally on their own resources for their college expenses. and it is always to the detriment of their health, or the value of their education, or both. Any boy can earn part of his expenses without hurting himself, And in my experience, many boys are willing to earn more than their share in order to save the burden of their parents. But to see boys by the doors and take jobs listing from 6 o’clock in the evening till two in the morning, 6 days in a week,  to see boys undergoing Trance questions of blood to get money for their food and books, is a trending spectacle. Many of our boys Finest tractor and excellent ability are doing just this kind of thing. and inevitably it is an important reason for apparent failure. Most colleges do all they can with a scholarship fund to alleviate this situation, but even when everything possible is done, every dean who knows his students can recall many cases of boys who have been obliged to drop out for the lack of a little money to see them through.

There are always a goodly number of undergraduates whose lives are turned and whose judgement is perverted by the attractiveness of Athletic sports and literary so called activity. All of these features of college life have their plate and should receive the sport of those students who are interested in them. In my experience, the awakening of a clear judgement as to what the College is for, Is not as difficult as is often supposed. If a boy is too much interested in these sides he ought to get out of the main tent and become professional. but most of them really are not, and if Reasoned with a friend Who knows youth and understands the importance of the college opportunity, will not allow swept off their feet by athletics.  I do not think that this sort of reason for failure as do some of the critics of our colleges who see things from the outside and long-range few lazy bluffers drift into college and usually drift out again. most of them have not found any serious interest in life, and reveal some of them never will. it is usually wise to let them Retire cold word for a reason and find out by experience how much demand there is for lazy bluffer. Sometimes they learn their lesson and return today first rate work. But the burden of proof is always on them to show that they mean business.

On the whole, The problems that the college dean faces calls for about the same diagnostic ability as the physicians. He is helping the young men under him to see life steadily and see it whole. If he can save boys from failure through foolishness, sickness and sin, he is doing his part of the job.

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