Letter by Letter One Walks Far!

Letter by Letter One Walks Far!

The last couple of the years have been a long bumpy ride for me, as they have for every one of my ages. The experiences might be different but everyone has gone through many of the same “teenage” circumstances as I have done. All of them have dealt with them in their own way. As a personal participant in this “game”, we call life, I would say I worked hard for the first place and earned it. That is just my creative view of things. It is bad, but the fact is that not everyone sees it in the same way as I do.

As a student, I am a participant in academic and co-curricular activities. My first priority has always been to get good grades in school. All through this is important to me, I also know that by participating in sports, and after school activities, I will become a well rounded student. During the past years of my high school career, I participated and received awards in the following: Quaid-e-Azam Badge in scouting, winner of who’s who Quiz programme at the district level, and Academic Excellence award while participating in Inter District Declamation Contest and Essay Writing Competition for the year 2011. I also belonged to the following clubs: Reading club (2 years), second year as secretary reading club, and computer club. In 2009, I received an award in the following classes: Computer Applications, Geography, and Advanced Algebra/Trigonometry. I also received an award for the most encouraging student. I currently belong to the Hiking and outdoor club, and environmental awareness club. In addition, this year I participated in a programme called ” read with a friend”. In this programme, I along with a group of other students, went to the nearby Elementary School to read to a class of students from Kindergarten to fifth grade.

In order to gain an understanding of Independence and responsibility, I held several summer jobs in the preceding two years. I also worked to help myself financially in boarding school. My first summer job was at the English language center. My second job was at McDonald, and my past summer job was at TK Academy. I am thankful to all these institutions for these job experiences. They have prepared me mentally and financially. This is important in a way that I am now more mature and responsible which helps me not to be worried about the future but to look forward to it.

I am glad that I have got our taste of what the real world has to offer. I have learned many lessons from my Public High School, boarding school, and my experiences. All through it has been tough, I have succeeded so far. I am prepared to excel and make it much further in the years to come up with my college education. This developing positive Outlook has given me the motivation that I need to become successful. I never give up. When I am determined to achieve, “I shoot for the moon and land amongst the stars”.


Co-curricular activities give students the chance to become well rounded individuals by teaching them a variety of skills. These activities prepare students for the future. Through these activities, students learn about working in a group or a team towards a completion goal. When students enter the workforce they will be able to call on the teamwork and leadership skills they learned. 

Never give up, just keep it up hard and be successful.

This is my small story. I hope you are learning from my story about how I grew up and what kind of time I spend in my life. There are many difficulties in my life and everybody faces difficulties in their life but we must prepare to face difficulties. This is a real life lesson which you must learn if you learn this then trust me you can get all success. God bless you 

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